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Features & Options
               ~ Sturdy floor with 2x4 treated frame;
               ~ 26 ga. galvanized solid metal roof, no seams (4x4 & 4x6), no screw holes;
               ~ 26 ga. galvanized metal window and door covers, and window sills;
               ~ 11 ga. aluminum corners for added strength;
               ~ Quiet, slide up Lexan windows;
               ~ Four corner shelves;
               ~ Constructed with "LP Smart Panel" for years of durability.  This is sturdy house siding that
                  LP backs with a 50 year prorated warranty;
               ~ Painted inside and out with two coats of “Lifetime Warranty” paint;
               ~ Blinds seal up well so you will never have a wasp problem;
               ~ The wind, rain, and cold – no problem, also contains your scent;

               ~ Paint it yourself option;
               ~ Alternate tower features option;
               ~ Name your own option!

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